July 31, 2010


Hafla? I know it isn't an incredibly common term, especially if you aren't involved in the bellydance community. Bellydance community? I know, you wouldn't think it, but there are bellydancers everywhere... your book keeper, your store clerk, your Barista, your cousin's roommate, your fill-in-the-blank. You get the idea.

Back to the hafla! A hafla is a bellydancers party for family, friends, and other dancers. There is music and dancing and food and drink. Pretty fun eh? The Camster attended her very first hafla last night at Minnie's in Modesto. It started at 7:00pm BST (bellydance standard time) which was really more like 8:12pm and included solo performances as well as group/troupe performances.

Camster loved the fast paced dances best. She was mesmerized by all the sparkles, makeup, and eyelashes the girls were wearing. Camster has been onstage bellydancing since her time in the womb, so she felt quite at home with the music and trills.

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