October 31, 2010

Le Petit Artiste

Today the Camsters and I decided to do some painting. I was sooo tempted to whip-up a painting smock for the occasion, but resisted. It took all I had.

Since the Camsters is only 8 months old and EVERYTHING goes in her mouth, I am not comfortable using real paint with her. Even if it is "non-toxic". Wednesday I looked up some "homemade paint recipes" online and most were either made out of flour and water or cornstarch and water with food coloring.

I started with one cup of flour and 1/2 a cup of water, but ended up adding more water until it was a more pancake-mix consistency. This recipe made a lot of mixture so I divided it onto three plates. Then I added gel food coloring (which I think results in brighter colors) until the colors were nice and bright. If you end up trying this project I suggest using colors that won't turn into "mud" when mixed.

Triple Color Combos That Always Work:
:: blue, green, yellow
:: red, orange, yellow
:: blue, purple, red

Notice there is paint on her legs, but none on her paper?
Splashing in the paint. Blue is the most appealing today.

This is sooo cool Ma!

Here is Camster's painting debut. We hope to have her other works in some local galleries soon. Perhaps even a 'red series' in the future? Depends on how much studio time Camsters gets in this month. In the meantime... Enjoy!

"Wind on the Grass"

"Meadow Flowers Along the Mountain"


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