October 16, 2010

12 of 12 | October

I know I'm a little late with this one, but I have limited Internet access... so weep for me.
For more info on 12 of 12 look here and join in!

1. "Mornin' Ma!"
2. At Grammy & Grampy's digging up organic potatoes
3. Look at all them homegrown potatoes! (I feel like talkin' hillbilly today I guess)
4. Potater farmin' with my work gloves

5. Birds eye view of the Camsters
6. Birds eye view of her best buddy, Smokey
7. A very studious cucumber
8. Bacon wrapped apricots... Yum!

9. Homegrown "Mr. Stripey" tomato from my parent's garden
10. My mama makin' salsa
11. Camsters working her way over to Smokey the dachshund
12. Husband in true form: using my electronic toys whilst ignoring me. (You rarely get to use the word 'whilst'... so I do it when I can)

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