September 22, 2010

My Husband

My husband (aka: Husband, Sweetie, Babycakes, Whineypants) has recently read my blog and is being a "whiney pants" about my lack of Husband talk. It's not that I don't love the guy, he's just a private person. In light of our third wedding anniversary I thought I would make a list of why I love my husband. Here it goes...

:: gives us each a kiss in the wee hours of the morning before he leaves for work whether we know it or not
:: loves the Camster
:: washes dishes because he knows I hate to
:: brings home truffles for me when he thinks I need a fix
:: drives me everywhere... actually that may be because he hates my driving
:: listens to all my crazy belly dance music even though he would rather listen to Tool
:: pretends to like the outfits and stuffed animals I make for the Camsters
:: likes all the same movies I do
:: quotes Zoolander as much as I do and laughs when I make references to it
:: pulls out the bed at night
:: gives me the fluffiest pillow
:: dressed up in period-appropriate Ottoman Empire attire when I performed with my troupe even though he felt awkward doing it
:: cooks dinner when I'm feeling lazy
:: is a great father
:: always tries his very best
:: gives me encouragement when walking up our street... the street that eats out-of-shape weaklings like me for breakfast
:: does a lot of things just because it makes me happy

Happy Anniversary Whineypants!

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