September 7, 2010

My Best Move Yet

A successful move had by all! It took us all day Saturday to move, all day Sunday to do donation and dump runs, and Monday morning to clean. What a great feeling to be somewhere new and fresh!

The best part is that our new apartment is a half mile to downtown where I can start belly dance classes again if I wish, take Camsters window shopping, meet up with girlfriends for lunch, or just enjoy a stroll. I'm hoping that living somewhere with sidewalks will inspire me go for walks. We'll see. My current excuse is that it has been in the high 90's or 100 degrees the past week, so I won't be going for a walk until the sun decides to quit frying us.

My mom came over yesterday to watch the Camsters so Husband and I could go clean the old apartment. While I was making the three of us sandwiches, my mom said "I think this move was your best one yet." I enthusiastically agreed. To clarify, in the last six years I have moved seven times. That makes it sound like I don't stay in one place for more than a year, but to my credit I did rent a cute house for a little over three years.... so HA! To my mom's credit, this was my best move yet. I was so organized I surprised myself!

This is such a nice place I hope to live here awhile... maybe even a little over three years. ;)

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